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About Jhajjar

Jhajjar a small town in the state of Haryana is known for its developing economy and infrastructural growth. Today it counts amongst the fast developing regions of Haryana with focus on public  welfare. Previously a part of Rohtak district, it was carved out of it and became an independent one on 15th July 1997. Jhajjar has all that is required for living well. The government has invested in various areas such as building new roads, health care system, schools, woman empowerment projects, providing electricity and much more for the development of the district and also for the development of the people residing there. Beside various essential services are also available for the benefit of the people. Being a historic city, the government has taken measures to protect the historical monuments and has provided various aids to the tourism industry so that tourists visit this place more often. With all the facilities at disposal, a visit to Jhajjar would be an enriching experience for the tourists visiting the city.

About Jhajjar
The Bua Hassan Complex

Brief History of Jhajjar

The land of Jhajjar shows signs of early inhabitation. Various historical buildings can be seen here. During 1191 AD when there was a war between Gori and King Prithvi Raj, the area of Jhajjar was not inhabited and was a forest with no one living there. In the eastern part was a town by the name Malokan where the Jats lived and was amongst the worst affected areas due to the war. Most of the people living there relocated to different places after the war. Chajju Jat who was a resident of the village made an appeal so that rehabilitation of the village could be done. However the appeal was rejected by Emperor Gori. He ordered that the village should be rehabilitated somewhere else. Hence, the jats of Malokan came to live in the city of Jhajjar. After it got established, the city of Jhajjar had to go through a lot of political unrest in the hands of many rulers i.e. Mughal rulers, Muslim rulers and the Britishers too.

While many people say that the city derived its name from the founder i.e. Chajju which was changed later to Jhajjar, many others are also of the opinion that it was derived from the natural fountain by the name Jharnagar. It was a part of Rohtak district until July 15th 1997, when it was separated from it.

Administration in Jhajjar

Administration in JhajjarThe Deputy Commissioner in Jhajjar does the job of maintaining law and order, running district administration, solving the grievances of the public and implementing all the policies that have been set up by the government. The headquarter of the district is situated in Jhajjar. Mainly divided into two separate subdivisions, i.e. 1 sub thesil and 3 thesils, the district has in total 260 villages. There are 16 different branches, each responsible for performing different work assigned to them. The branches are monitored by assistant officers appointed for the post. The various branches that have been set up are Establishment Branch, Miscellaneous Branch, Complaint and Inquiry Branch, Nazarat Branch, Copying Branch, Local Fund Branch, F.R.A Branch, Development Branch, L.P.A Branch, H.R.R, PESHI Branch, LIGH/MIGH Branch, RKE Branch, For General Record Room, SK Branch, DRA Branch,nd HCP Branch.

Deputy Commissioner, Jhajjar
Email: dcjjr@hry.nic.in
Address: Mini Secretariat, Gurgaon Road, Jhajjar-124103
Haryana (India)
Phone: 01251-256658
Website: http://jhajjar.nic.in/

Culture of Jhajjar

The culture of Jhajjar which is a part of Haryana is a mixture of Punjabi and Haryanvi culture. Here Haryanvi as well as Punjabi festivals are celebrated with equal enthusiasm. The customs of yoga, meditation and Vedic mantras are observed by many. The language that is mostly spoken in this region is "Jatu" or " Haryanvi". Though the language is considered rude by many, however, it is full of honesty and simple humor. The people of Jhajjar celebrate different festivals such as Basant Panchami, Lohri, Gangore, Holi, Teej, Gudda Naumi, Janmastami, Diwali and Dusshera amongst others. Folk dance, folk music and folklore form an integral part of the culture of Jhajjar. The songs are mostly classical in nature and most of them are sung in different festivals that are held at different times of the year. The Jogis, Bhats and Saangis have taken the initiative to make the folk music popular in Jhajjar and other parts of Haryana too. During different festival traditional folk dances are also performed by the woman and men population of the region.

Healthcare in Jhajjar

Hospital in Jhajjar
Healthcare in Jhajjar

Government of Haryana has taken measures to provide adequate health care facility to the residents as well the tourists who are on a visit to this city. Various health camps are organized regarding important health issues such as heart attacks, HIV AIDS, Diabetes and much more to create awareness amongst people and how healthy lifestyle can be lead to avoid such diseases. The city has a government hospital and several private clinics and nursing homes. Qualified doctors are available at such health care centers to diagnosis the disease and give proper medicines. Chemist shops are available in Jhajjar from where medicines can be purchased. Some of such shops are opened 24 hours a day to cater to customers.

Lifestyle in Jhajjar

Though the lifestyle of Jhajjar is still not very urbanized, however, people understand the importance of leading a better lifestyle. The place has few beauty parlors to help the woman of the region look good by taking proper care of their skin, hair, nails and much more. They provide various services such as skin polishing, facials, threading, waxing, pedicure, manicures, hair spa and lot more services. Apart from beauty parlors, people in Jhajjar have also started taking care of their body seriously. Hence, health and fitness centers though in small numbers can be seen coming up in the area. People approach these gyms for a healthy and fit body.

Madhu Beauty Parlor
Address: Vill. Lova Khurd
Jhajjar H O, Jhajjar - 124103
Near Govt. School
Phone No:+(91)-9728435270, 9992398094

Aman Beauty Center
Address: Haripura Bazar
Jhajjar H O, Jhajjar - 124103
Phone No: +(91)-9416340301

Nishika Beauty Parlour
Address: Vpo Khanpur Khurd
Jhajjar H O, Jhajjar - 124103
Phone No:+(91)-9991644647

Total Body Fitness Gym
Address: LIC Office Arya Nagar
Jhajjar Haryana - 124103
Phone No: + (91)-9992122245, 9466010483

Hercules Gym
Address: Model Town, Jhajjar, Haryana - 124103
Phone No: + (91)-9215124555

Yoga and Meditation Center in Jhajjar

The Art of Living, which is an international organization in the field of Meditation and Yoga, has its center in Jhajjar. The organization has been operating for many years and has centers in 152 countries across the globe. The residents visit the Art of living centers where various breathing techniques, pranayams, yoga and mediation are taught for leading a stress free life. Here is the address of the center that you can visit in Jhajjar

Contact Person: Ms.Rekha Bansal
Address: Care Rambhagat Ramnivas
Main Bazzar
Jhajjar Haryana
Email: rekhabansal1968@gmail.com
Phone: 9416588100

Economy of Jhajjar

The district mainly derives its income from the various industries that have been set up. Since there are lots of fertile soils available large varieties of crops are also grown here. There are various products which are manufactured in Jhajjar district. Primarily dairy products, auto parts, shoes, steel tubes, ply wood, deep fridge, lead pencil, glass, petro chemicals, medical disposables, plastic toys, ammunition box, mustard oils and many more are manufactured here. Large numbers of people get employed in such industries leading to lessening the number of those who are not employed in this region. The most famous industry in this region is glass industry.

Economy of Jhajjar
Economy in Jhajjar

Some of the major industrial units that have been set up in Jhajjar district that have set up their industries are SPL Ltd, Parle Hindustan Glass and Industries Ltd, Surya Roshni Ltd, Relaxo Footwear Ltd, Parle Biscuits Ltd, Hindustan Sanitary Wares and Industries and many more. Besides improving the economy of the region, the industries also provide employment opportunities to the many who reside in those areas.

Jssi Hydraulics Pvt Ltd
Bahadurgarh Industrial Estate, Nh-10, Delhi Rohtak Road, Jhajjar, Haryana Pincode : 124505

Parle-Biscuits Pvt Ltd
Parle-Biscuits Pvt Ltd
Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar, Haryana – 124507

Major Agricultural Crops in Jhajjar

Apart from industries, agriculture is also quite well developed here. Different varieties of Rabi and Kharif crops are grown. The main Rabi crops that are ploughed here are Barley, Wheat, Gram, Sarson and much more. Under Kharif the main crops that are grown in most of the parts of Jhajjar district are Jawar, Bajra, Gaur, Paddy, Arhar, Sugarcane, Cotton, Groundnut, Till, Moong and Soyabean. Apart from consuming part of the crops in Jhajjar district itself, the surpluses are packed and send to different parts of the country for selling.

Tourist Spots in Jhajjar

Being an ancient city, the place Jhajjar has lot to offer when it comes to tourism. Apart from the different monuments and building which were build by various rulers that ruled the city there are other places of attractions too. Pratapgarh farms have become very popular amongst tourists especially from the Delhi NCR region. This area is popular as one gets to experience the rural life of Haryana here. Right from Custom, lifestyle, food and many more, people can live here for few days to get the complete experience.

Tourist Spots in Jhajjar
Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary in Jhajjar is another place which is a great place to spend your vacation watching different variety of birds as well as other animals too.Considerable revenue is earned from the tourism industry in Jhajjar. Due to it being a historical place, various ancient monuments and buildings can still be seen in different part of the district. Various Hotels and guests house are available in Jhajjar. This helps in providing sufficient earnings when visitors come on a tour to the city and stays in these hotels. Along with hotels and guest house, restaurants also contribute when it comes to the development of Tourism in Jhajjar district.

Transportation in Jhajjar

Provision of good transport facility is the key for development and progress of the area. In Jhajjar, good network of transport facility ensures great communication. Several mediums can be availed for traveling to the district and nearby regions. Jhajjar does not have airport of its own. The nearest airport to the town is Indira Gandhi International Airport which is located at a distance of 49 Km from the town. Reaching the airport should not be a problem because of the ample transport facility that is available.

Transportation in Jhajjar
Jhajjar Railway Station

One can take any public buses or any private cabs to reach the town of Jhajjar using the national highway 71 that passes through the district of Jhajjar. Apart from the railway station in Jhajjar, there are several railway stations that can be availed to reach Jhajjar. The railway stations are situated at close proximity to the town Jhajjar and can be easily reached. For commuting to different towns and villages within the district and the state, Haryana Roadways run several buses which ply between different destinations. Apart from the Haryana government, several private buses are also available to take you to your destination. Private cabs can be booked from the several travel agents that have come up in the town.

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