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Jhajjar Tourism

When it comes to visiting Jhajjar for sightseeing purpose, the city has manifold attractions for the tourist here. There are lots of places of historical interests which will give you an insight of the bygone eras. Many places of religious importance too can be found. Some of the temples have hint of mythology as well. The city’s location which is near to the capital of the country, Delhi and some other prominent places such as Guargaon and other areas of Delhi NCR region results in many people visiting Jhajjar. All this reasons and more contribute to the fact that large number of tourist can be seen visiting this place quite often.The transportation system in the area has been well developed for easy accessibility of the tourists. Here are some of the prominent places that can be visited when on a tour here.

Tourist Helpline Numbers

Haryana Tourism Corporation Limited
SCO 17-19, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh-160017
Fax : 0172-2703185, 2702783

Tourist Attractions in Jhajjar

Jhajjar Tourism
Group of Tombs in Jhajjar

Here are some of the popular tourists attractions that can be visited when on a visit to Jhajjar. The best time to visit are from the months of October to March when the climate is ideal for the tourist to visit the city.

Bua Wala Talab in Jhajjar

Bua Wala Talab is a famous spot where people go to if they want to enjoy some quite time with themselves or with their near and dear ones. According to many, the pond or the talab was named after a couple whose love store ended on a sad note. Folktales throws light in their story which says that Bua, daughter of Mustafa Kalol during hunting spree in the jungle was attacked by a tiger. She was rescued by a person names Hasan who was a woodcutter. He rescued her from the tiger and took her home. Bua was impressed by this handsome and brave Hassan and fell in love with him. Though disappointed with her daughter’s choice, Bua's father agreed to get them married. However, before they were supposed to get married, Bua's father send the woodcutter to fight in the battle field, but he never returned as he was killed there. Bua was extremely saddened by the event and took Hasan's dead body to the pond which was the meeting- point of the lovers. She buried him there and built a tomb in- his name. Bua did not live long after that and died after two years. She was buried beside her lover’s tomb. The place provides lot of peace and is situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Group of Tombs and Mosques in Jhajjar

There are groups of tomb and mosques that are situated not far from Bua ka Talab. The tombs belong to the period of 1524-1626 AD. It was build during the reign of Mughal emperors Jahangir, Akbar and Shahjahan. The architectures here are Afghan styled and from the homogeneity of the architecture it can be said that it was probably the family graveyard of the famous nobles and the local chefs.

Pratapgar Firms in Jhajjar

Tourist Places in Jhajjar
Pratapgarh Farms

This is a place where everybody would love to go to enjoy oneself away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You will enjoy the rustic place amidst whispering winds, lush green fields, serene pond, mud house lively cattle barns full of sheep, goats, buffaloes, sheep, horses and many more animals. Pratapgar firms is basically an Eco Tourism farm and an ethnic village which has been set up in true rural settings. It is a botanical garden where one can find various gardens in different forms. Here many varieties of trees such as Bodhi, Banyan, neem and several other varieties can be found. Indulging in the various activities or simply sitting and watching the people perform various activities such as sowing seeds, ploughing fields with the help of bulls, camels, tractors, reaping and many more of such activities is a treat to the eyes. One can also visit the vegetable garden here where seasonal vegetables are sown. Apart from this one can learn different creative activities such as pottery, cooking, grinding atta or play a game or two. There are hoards of other activities that they can engage into to get an insight into the villager’s life.

Gurukul Jhajjar Archeological Museum in Jhajjar

Gurukul Jhajjar Archeological Museum is the biggest museum in the state of Haryana. The passionate and committed effort of the founder Swami Omanand Saraswati has resulted in building this museum in 1959. The museum has huge collection of various varieties of idols and antique coins too. Idols of Lord Vishnu, Panchwati deer statue and Lord Ganesha are must see when here. Tactfully and meticulously made wooden chains without any joints and a flexible stone which has been bought from Kaliyani hills should not be missed either. The coins that can be seen here have been bought from different countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, Bhutan, Russia, Pakistan, Burma, France, Canada, Australia, England and other countries too.

Temple of Pandvas Bhimeshwari Goddess in Jhajjar

As per the legend, the idol that is present in Bhimeshwari temple was installed by one of the pandavas, Bhima. It is said that before going to Mahabharata battle, Bhima wanted to be blessed by Kuldevi. Bhima and Yudisthir went to Hinglay Mountain which is in Pakistan now and prayed the goddess to bless them so that they can win and requested her to move to the battle field. Though Kuldevi was ready to go there was a condition that she attached. She would go on Bhima's lap and he should not drop her on the way from her lap. If he does she would go no further. However, Bhima had put her down under Beri tree on the way as he felt the urge to attend natures call. As per condition stated by Kuldevi she did not go further. Bhima had to go and fight the battle at Kurukshetra alone. After the war was over, a marvelous temple was built in the site where Kuldevi was left by Bhima. This temple is a famous pilgrimage site and visited by many tourists especially newlyweds from different parts of the country more so because of its historical significance.

Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

Tourist Spots in Jhajjar
Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary is a famous one and located very close to Jhajjar. It is spread over an area of 1074 acres and attracts about 35000 varieties of migratory birds from different parts of the country and the world. The sanctuary is a must visit for those who have the hobby of watching different varieties of birds in all shape, size and color. A 12 km embarkment have been made surrounding the lake to trap water.The guests are treated with authentic vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines from Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab. One can also stay here for a great holiday amidst natural beauty. The place is situated at a very convenient location and can be reached easily. Plan your next vacation here to enjoy the true beauty and flavor of Haryana. Apart from these, there are several tourist spots in Jhajjar that ensure good stay in the city. One must visit the city to enjoy the various attractions that the city of Jhajjar has to offer.

Travel Agents in Jhajjar

When visiting Jhajjar many people take the service of travel agents who does the job of planning the entire trip for you. The travel agents have made our lives all the more easy. One only needs to pay the service charges and everything right from hotels to sightseeing options and traveling are taken care of. Here is a list of travel agents that the tourists can contact when on a visit to the city. The phone numbers and the address of the travel agents will help you to get in touch with such agents easily. Once the requirement is stated they will do the job of planning the entire trip for you.

Bansal One Stop Shop
Address: Silani Gate
Jhajjar H O
Jhajjar - 124103
Near Aggrassan Women Collage
Phone No: + (91)-1251-253512, + (91)-9315350512

Kodan Travels
Address: Delhi Gate
Near Ramleela Ground
Jhajjar H O
Jhajjar - 124103
Phone No: + (91)-9992454687

Pinki Tour & Travels
Address: Jhajjar H O
Jhajjar - 124103
illage Pataudi
Phone No :+( 91)-9992344519, 9416319158

Kadyan Tour & Travel
Address: Beri
Jhajjar - 124201
Main Bus Stand
Phone No: + (91)-8053434001, 9812373902

Naveen Tour & Travels
Address: Beri
Jhajjar - 124201
Main Bus Stand
Phone No: + (91)-9992231720, 9728244986

Address: Kheri Jat
Jhajjar - 124105
Taxi Stand Jajghar
Phone No: 9728345069, 9992517001

Rajesh Tour Travels
Address: Village Gochhi
Disttic Jhajjar
Jhajjar - 124107
Phone No: + (91)-9728919918

Dhull Travels
Address: Kosli Rd
Jassaur Kheri
Jhajjar - 124505
Nr H P Gas Agency
Phone No: + (91)-9416212012, 9467820447

Where to Stay in Jhajjar ?

When on a tour to Jhajjar the various hotels present in the city can provide you with good accommodation along with various facilities. Most of the hotels provides the basic facilities such as 24 hours room service, all time hot and cold water, parking facility, clean rooms, restaurant facility, laundry facility, Color TV in all rooms, phone facility in all rooms, AC rooms and much more. The tariffs of the hotel differ as per the rooms chosen for staying and the facilities being offered. The above phone numbers can be called to ask about availability of rooms. Many of them have the facility of online booking too.

Jupiter Hotel
Address: Main Rohtak Road
Jhajjar H O
Jhajjar - 124103
Near Shiv Mandir
Phone No: + (91)-8930302888, 9254228100

Jai Shree Shyam Lodgin Service
Address: Main Jhajhar-Najafgarh Road
Jhajjar - 124105
Near Bus Stand
Phone No: + (91)-9992516245

Sainik Rest House
Address: Gudiani Road
Jhajjar H O
Jhajjar - 124103
Phone No: + (91)-1251-254236

Star Guest House
Deswal Plaza
Near Chandni Chowk
Haryana- 124103
Phone No: 070563 18707

Neel Kamal Lodge
Address: Jhajjar H O
Jhajjar - 124103
Phone No: + (91)-8686107141

Aroma Hotel
Address: Gurgaon Road
Jhanswa Kalan
Jhajjar - 124146
Near Haryana Automobile
Eicher Tractor Showroom
Phone No: + (91)-9671320003

Pratapgarh Farms Resort
Address: Near Railway Station Gwalison Road
Haryana 125407
Phone No: 099999 64266

How to Reach Jhajjar ?

Transport in Jhajjar
Jhajjar Railway Station

Reaching Jhajjar is no problem at all as it is well connected from all parts of Haryana and other states of the country as well. National Highway 10, 8 and 71 can be used for travelling to Jhajjar. While it is connected to NH 10 through the city of Bahadurgarh, it is through the city of Farukh Nagar and Gurgaon the town is connected to NH 8. NH 71 from Rewari to Jalandhar passes through the town of Jhajjar. Jhajjar does not have an airport of its own, the nearest airport Indira Gandhi International Airport is just 57 Km from the town. Though there is a railway station in Jhajjar, for accessing any major trains one needs to reach Rohtak Jn from where major trains can be boarded to reach different parts of the country. The railway station is located at a distance of 35 km and takes about 40 minutes to reach from the town Jhajjar.

Railway Station, Jhajjar
Address: Railway Colony, Jhajjarrural, Haryana 124103
For any Railway enquiry: 139
For any Roadways enquiry: 01251-256397

Jhajjar has all that is required to give you a pleasant stay when on a tour to this historic city that is situated in Haryana. The easy transport and communication facility to reach this place is an added advantage as well.

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