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Pratapgarh Farms in Jhajjar

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience the rural India, then Pratapgarh Farms in Jhajjar is the right place for you. Here you can get an insight into the culture of rural India and also interact with hardworking and simple village folks. In this holiday village a unique experience unfolds as you spend your day amidst green field, serene pond, whispering winds, mud house, cattle barns full of animals and much more.

Pratapgarh Farms in Jhajjar
Pratapgarh Farms in Jhajjar

It is an ideal place for outing for families, school kids, corporate and friends alike. While school kids get to learn a lot when on a tour here as well as have fun indulging in all the village activities, for families, corporate and friends it’s just for fun outing where they unwind from all the stress of daily life. Here are some of the details regarding what to expect when on a holiday to Pratapgarh Farms.

Activities in Pratapgarh Farms

There are various activities to choose from when you are here. Below is a writeup on the different activities that you can indulge into and experience the village life when on a visit to Pratapgarh Farms.

Take a Tour to Botanical Garden in Pratapgarh Farms

The gardens in Pratapgarh Farms are quite fascinating. Different gardens found here have different significances. In Panchavati garden there are 5 trees that represent the Panchaboots, life and fertility. Triveni is a garden where one can find Bodhi, Banyan and Neem trees growing together. In Triphala Kunj one can find Awala, Baheda and Harad trees which are known to be medicinal trees that can work wonders. In the Nakshatra garden one can find 27 trees which correspond to the Nakshatras in the sky. Then there is Rashi Vatika where one can find 12 trees, which corresponds to the 12 Zodiac signs. Navgarh Vatka has 9 plants which have been grown to represent the heavenly bodies that influence human beings as per Indian astrology. Lastly the medicinal plant of Aloe vera, Giloy, Ashavagandah, basil and many more of such medicinal plants can be found in Asuhadh Vatika. One can get refreshed by going around the different gardens which have been very well kept by the people who are engaged in maintaining the garden. The guide present there will help you to understand the significance of the plants and the gardens that have been built up.

Get Tit-Bits of Farming at Pratapgarh Farms

Here tourists are encouraged to participate in the various agricultural activities, dairy activities and gardening. The people who work here are from nearby villages. Interacting with them gives you an insight into their simple lives. The process of growing crops is shown to the visitors. They can also participate in ploughing of fields with bulls, camels or tractors to get the real feeling. The visitors are also show how crops can be grown without using harmful insecticides, pesticides thereby producing organic products which are good for our body.

Learning Pottery in Pratapgarh Farms

Eco tourism in Jhajjar
Pottery Making

In Pratapgarh Farms, there is arrangement to invoke your creativity as well. The village potter is there to train you to make amazing terracotta lamps and bowls and various other things. Many describe it as a very therapeutic experience and loves coming here again and again to be a pro at pottery. You can also learn to paint earthen pots or paint mud plastered walls. The options are varied here.

Playing Ethnic Games in Pratapgarh Farms

Become a child again by playing the games which were played by everyone during childhood. There are options to revive those memories here. One can engage in playing gulee danda, latto, pethoo, kanche goli, tug of war, kabbadi, wrestling or can even try their hands at archery or dart shooting. Many of such games can’t be played when we live in a city due to lack of space which is required for playing such games. Here due to vast open areas being available, one can indulge themselves in such games. It is also an ideal place to fly kites Apart from the ethnic games, visitors can even indulge into playing other games such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Trampoliness, Cricket, Carom, Ludo, Chess or you can even lounge around and play an interesting game of cards.

Personal Care in Pratapgarh Farms

There are options to pamper oneself in Pratapgarh Farms. When tired, the village masseur with their expert hands can give you a good massage which is bound to relax your senses. You can go for mud bath which is known to remove tan and give a glow to your body. Getting the mud dried and bathing under the tube wells is an experience in itself.mIf there are ladies in your group don’t forget to get mehendi done on their hands by the villagers who are a pro at it. They can also go for applying facial scrubs prepared with chandan, chick pea flour and multanni mitti. The glow on their face after going for the face care is surely going to win them many compliments.

Experience Rural Domestic Activities in Pratapgarh Farms

If you want to experience how to live in a village in India, there are opportunities here to do so. You can dress up like the rural people in colorful attires and participate in various domestic activities that they do from morning till night. Such activities can include pounding grains, making ghee, grinding grains, cooking on hearth, making butter milk, bring water in water pails, trying to balance water pails and much more. The villagers would be there to assist you in every step and solve any queries.

Food in Pratapgarh Farms

Food in Pratapgarh Farms
Kitchen at Pratapgarh Farms

Different varieties of non vegetarian and vegetarian meals are served throughout the day. The cuisines which are available here are mostly from the states of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. Here dishes are made using farm fresh vegetables, local poultry, freshly ground flour and local spices. The culinary experience that you get is something that you would cherish for a long time because of the fresh flavor and unique taste that comes from the use of fresh ingredients.

How to Reach Pratapgarh Farms ?

Pratapgarh Farms though located in a rural area in the state of Haryana, it is not far from Delhi NCR region. It is just 45 Km from the international airport in New Delhi. The time taken to reach here from the capital city is 1.5 hours. Mostly people come to this place in their own vehicles. Its location is very convenient. Visitors can even visit the Bhindawas bird sanctuary which is famous for different forms of birds that can be seeing here. Apart from whatever is mentioned above there are hoards of other activities that is going to keep you entertained all day. It has something for everybody. Be it a child or an adult or someone who has become old, they have taken the effort to create something for everyone. A visit to this place is surely going to rejuvenate you and making you wanting to come back again after few days.

It is best to book in advance in case going in groups to take the maximum enjoyment of all the entertainment that is available. Here is the contact details that may be required in case thinking of spending your holiday here.

Address: Near Railway Station Gwalison Road, Jhajjar, Haryana India
Marketing Office: 24, First Floor, Vakil Market, Chakkarpur, Gurgaon - 121002, Haryana
Ph.: +91-9999964266, +91-9813576904

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